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11 Reasons Why the iPhone is the Worst Cell Phone I Never Bought

broken iphoneFor those of you following along at home, you may remember that I was the lucky recipient of an iPhone courtesy of our CEO, Benjamin Sayers (hence why it is the worst phone I never bought). Honestly, I was shocked to get one and was extremely grateful to be one of the first to have it. It was love at first sight. Sleek, stylish and sophisticated (just like it’s new owner), I was the focal point of crowds and every party I attended. Everyone want to touch, feel and play with my iPhone.

Boy was it cool.

Then I used it for a week. Then another month went by and I started to realize that the iPhone has to be the worse cellphone I have ever used. I tried to fight it. I mean the iPhone was “cool”, but so are mopeds and you don’t see me driving one around. Fortunately for me, I didn’t shell out $599 for it, but that is not the case for most of the folks who are currently using the most over-rated cellphone ever. I am not being harsh. I have legitimate gripes. Take a look at the 11 reasons why the iPhone is the worse cell phone ever.

  1. No useful applications. If I want to add anything useful to this phone, I have to hack it. I am not a hacker and I’m not really interested in bricking the phone should a new firmware come out that actually contain something useful.
  2. You can’t send or receive MMS messages. That’s revolutionary. Nice thinking Steve!
  3. iCalendar sucks. I use Outlook. Outlook and iCalendar don’t play nice. It is always fun to be on the go without a calendar that works right.
  4. The battery life is awful. If I want to have a long conversation, I need to use my office or home phone. Otherwise…
  5. It gets hotter than hell. Well, I don’t really know how hot hell is, but I am going to use my imagination. Talk on the iPhone for more than 10 minutes and you can cook breakfast on it.
  6. Touch screen is cool, but only for the first day. The touch screen is great for web browsing, but I use my phone to make calls and send text messages and for these purposes, “keyboard” performance is sub-par.
  7. No camera zoom or flash. What is this 2001? The iPhone has the worst camera I have ever used and forget about using it to take pictures if you don’t have photo shoot quality lighting.
  8. Why do they say it has a speaker phone? My BlackBerry was louder than the iPhone’s speaker phone when I wasn’t using the speaker-phone.
  9. It took over two months to add bulk SMS functionality. Trying text messaging “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” 200 times. See how happy you are.
  10. My screen stopped responding. After only eight weeks, half of the screen stopped responding. I touch, nothing happens. Try using a touch screen phone when the touch screen does not work.
  11. Worst. Support. Ever. Please get me in touch with someone who speaks English as a first language and don’t charge me $30 USD for a loaner phone. I didn’t break it, it stopped working.

Are you a disappointed iPhone user too? Let’s hear how much you loath your $599 paper weight. Leave a comment below!

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Frank

    While some of your complaints are valid, aren’t you being a bit of a drama queen here?

    First, the price hasn’t been $599 since September 2007. It’s $399. And any early adopter who asked would get $100 back, though admittedly I think it was in Apple store credit:


    Second, while you’re right that apps do not yet exist, Apple announced an SDK would be available in Feb. 2008, which should end the need for hacking/bricking of iPhones.

    Can’t argue with Outlook support (but then, if you’re so MS-centric, why are you using Apple products? It’s like bitching that your BMW doesn’t have OnStar.). It would be nice, but it’s really not a requirement. Now if you had this issue with an MS Windows Mobile device…

    I don’t own an iPhone, but your comments abt battery life/heat aren’t unique.

    As for “keyboard performance”, it’s called a touch-screen for a reason. And if the screen stops functioning, how exactly is that any different than the keys on a Blackberry keyboard not working? If the input mechanism on a device doesn’t work, you’re screwed. Period. You make it sound like it’s something unique on an iPhone.

    No flash on camera? Umm, you just finished writing “I use my phone to make calls and send text messages”, and now you’re complaining about a lack of flash on what is essentially a cell phone? My work-issued Moto RAZR doesn’t have a flash either. So what? If I want to take proper pictures, I use a digital camera. Right tool for the job.

    Speakerphone sucks? Again, if that’s the case, valid argument.

    The lack of bulk SMS does suck. But they did add it eventually. How many other phones you have owned have the ability to have new functionality added without having to buy a new one? Some yes, many no. I see you bitching a good bit, but where’s the objectivity?

    Your screen stopped working? Basically sh*t broke. Gee, that never happens to anyone. No, seriously, that does suck, but nothing’s perfect. The question I would have is how MANY of these have broken in short usage? If a lot, then you have a good argument for unreliability.

    Worst support? I’m afraid I can’t fault you this either. I had heard that Apple went overseas for some phone support, then yanked it after seeing what it did to the quality of service (notably in the human communication area). But I guess it’s hard to escape this entirely. Same has happened to me with Dell, IBM, and countless others. Welcome to globalization.

    Suggestion on support, though. You live in Buffalo, NY, right? Why not go to the Apple Store in the Galeria mall there and deal with someone face-to-face? If you’re not happy, tell them you’re not satisfied and ask for a manager. While Apple is no more perfect than any other company, I have noticed that they do have a corporate policy and business model predicated on offering better customer service than most. They can afford it with their profit margins, but it’s like BMW vs. Ford. They’re in a niche market, not going to volume at small profit margins. If Apple’s customers don’t think they’re getting better than the volume seller (i.e., Wintel PCs or Motorola/Nokia/etc.), Apple is screwed.

    As for having to pay $30 for a loaner, that’s nuts and I agree. I could see holding onto your CC info so you don’t go walking off with it, but otherwise providing loaners to anyone with an iPhone UNDER WARRANTY for free. If you’re out of warranty, then I could see charging something.

    Anyway, bummer it’s not living up to your expectations.

  2. Garrett Smith

    @ Frank:

    1. It was bought a day or two before the “price drop”…and we are still waiting on the rebate, thanks Apple.

    2. So I am supposed to wait for some third party to create an application that I have to pay for in order to get what I would consider standard functionality? Please.

    3. Apple is touting the phone in all of the business magazine and if you read a lot the interviews, they are heavily targeting the “business user.” You’d think with that target demographic in mind they would play well with Microsoft.

    4. I am working on a video on me frying an egg on it. Seriously, I have been averaging 3 new phones (different models) per year since 2000, that is 21 phones. All high-end, as I was formerly in the wireless industry. Hottest phone ever.

    5. We have six people here with them. I have four or five close friends using it. In addition to me, three others have had the same problem. Small demographic, but 40% defect rate? That is unacceptable.

    6. I use it to make phone and send/receive SMS, but as a revolutionary device, shouldn’t it change my usage habits by offering other outstanding functions? The camera should have zoom and flash, especially in the price range.

    7. Bulk SMS should be a standard feature. It has been around on cell phones for years. Again this is supposed to be a revolutionary device.

    8. This my blog. This is not a review of the phone. I do not have to be objective.

    9. See point 5.

    10. The iPhone is a different beast. The Apple care team at the Galleria points people to the 1-800 number, since they are supposedly lacking the diagnostics or ability to do anything…something about AT&T. I stopped listening somewhere after, “Sorry, but…”

    It does suck since I was expecting to be wowed and amazed by this revolutionary cellular phone. It sucks even harder for my CEO who shelled out the cash.

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  4. Frank


    In response to your most recent post:

    1. That does suck. The program expired at the end of November, so even if you put in for the rebate on the last day, that’s well over 6 weeks.

    2. My comment was in reference to #1 in your original post, in which you wrote “No useful applications.” My bad. I figured you meant no ability for 3rd party apps to be added, as that would be a logical and (currently) valid argument. As for built-in apps, you don’t consider the Google Maps implementation, email, etc. to be “useful”? What are you expecting? Satellite death ray support? It has what most high end phones have, sans apparently the MMS support, which can be substituted with the built-in email if you need to send attachments/etc. Sure, MMS would be nice, but popularity-wise, I suspect SMS and email outrank it. (Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes…”That’s the great thing about standards…there are so many to choose from.”)

    3. Good point. But if you got it just before the price drop, then you had plenty of time to read reviews on the thing (which started the day it came out) in which such matters were brought up. You’re right, Apple is touting something in a way they shouldn’t, but it doesn’t say much for you or your boss’ buying skills. It’s easy to blame the vendor, but if you didn’t do due diligence in the purchase… Caveat emptor, remember?

    4. THAT could be very convincing. Get it up on YouTube (haven’t looked if others have beaten you to it), and explain your background with detailed list of phones you’ve owned (don’t be oen of the “this sucks” without backing with details), and you can drive your point home.

    5. Again, this is a good point. That isn’t unacceptable, it’s an unbelievable failure rate.

    6. I’m sorry, but you’re harping on a flash on what is in essence a communication device is a bit silly. I’ve never owned a phone with a flash on it, and honestly, it’s a terribly weak point. As for it being “a revolutionary device”, you don’t think things like multi-touch, the whole iPod audio/video support with autorotating screen due to orientation, visual voicemail, among others, count? Please list for me all the phones you have owned prior to the iPhone which had these features. I’m curious.

    7. No argument here. But the “Again this is supposed to be a revolutionary device.” is wasted rhetoric. This has nothing to do with being revolutionary. It was lacking basic functionality.

    8. And you haven’t been. Good for you.

    9. Useless filler, as it relates to nothing.

    10. Geez, that is bad. It’s their product. They should support it. That’s why many Apple users would buy it…so as NOT to have to deal with AT&T but rather the company they were used to getting good Mac support from (though as with all companies, YMMV).

    It’s a shame it was such a disappointment. I can imagine how that’d feel considering the hype. And you have some seriously good points which should give people pause. Unfortunately, some of your points seem trivial and come across as whining, detracting from your overall argument. But then, you’re right. This is a blog. So whine away.

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  8. Daniele

    Hi Steve… I completely agree with you!
    This piece of s*it called iPhone, is the *worst* cellular EVER.
    I had a lot of cell phones in my life: Nokia, motorola, siemens, sony-ericsson, LG and so on.. But this phone does really sucks, and specially for the points 4-*5*-7-8-9!

    And you forgot some points:
    – You can’t use bluetooth for sharing pictures with your friends.
    – If you call someone, and he is busy, you get “call error” message, instead of a more simple “busy”.
    – After *3* patch and upgrades, still no character counter for SMS (In Italy we pay each 160 chars)
    – No custom ringtones nor custom sms tones.
    – If battery drops to 10% the iPhone turns off *forever*.
    – No Video calls…
    – You can’t upload your images via windows explorer (not IE): you MUST use iTunes or SSH.
    – iPod is s*it like others, you can’t sync your libary over 2 pc’s (like home’s and work’s one). Not a real DMR but… thats the way..

    Well… My suggestion? Don’t buy it. And.. wow I paid mine 399$ and now i can’t sell it for 300$ or so… because now it cost 199$ NEW! Niceeee thanks Apple!

  9. Patrick

    Ahh, there are always people who complain about new highly anticipated products. I can never understand it, maybe its to get attention. Its pretty funny, because you people come across as pissed off egotistical idiots.

    Daniele, first off half you’re points are invalid. Secondly, the other half complain about lack of features no one needs. You have one valid point, the bluetooth issue.

    1. The one thing I agree with, iPhone could use bluetooth.
    2. Why does it matter what the phone says? If you understand that when you have a call error message that line is busy, who cares what it says.
    3. The iPhone isn’t made for Italy. Therefore it wont have features friendly with Italian phone providers.
    4. You can create custom ringtones and SMS tones through iTunes with the click of a button.
    5. What the hell are you talking about. The iPhone doesnt die at 10%, it usually has a good 15-20 minutes left.
    6. First of all, who the hell uses video calling on a cell phone? Video calling is a pretty scarce feature on cell phones, and is only present on phones with two cameras. This is the equivalent of me complaining my iphone doesnt remote control my TV.
    7. iPhone uses Safari, not windows explorer.
    8. This is the most blatantly stupid thing you’ve said. iPods pioneered MP3 players. Not to mention the fact they work easy enough, you add you’re music to it, navigate through an easy to use menu, and click play. What else can you expect from an MP3 player? Not to mention they are extremely reliable.
    The reason you cant sink with multiple libraries is simply so they make more money. If you could just go to a friends house and put all their music on you’re iPod rather than paying for it yourself, they lose money.

  10. nick

    “Well… My suggestion? Don’t buy it. And.. wow I paid mine 399$ and now i can’t sell it for 300$ or so… because now it cost 199$ NEW! Niceeee thanks Apple!”

    you can still sell the phone for full price. That $199 new is subsidized, meaning you gotta sign a contract, and if you dont want a contract on the phone you gotta pay $175 to cancel it after one month, and then you just paid $375 for it after one month. Compare that to your original $399 price of the phone. And before you start whining that you want $599 for it, the price of the phone went down, as mentioned there WAS a rebate available, and that just sucks for you, it happens, has nothing to do with the iphone or apple.

  11. stephen

    the iphone is a fucing 1990 phone don’t even have camra.

  12. stephen

    in video camra

  13. Hoover

    Not a chance, drama queen hardly. If you want my opinion I won’t pretty it up. By far the iphone is the WORST phone I have ever had the displeasure of using. I thought that the Sony Eric P 900 was behind the eight ball when it debuted years ago. Today that 5 year old phone kicks the crap out of this gimmick. If you are a housewife or a teenager this is the phone for you. Yeah great to look at photo’s and listen to music. But use this as a tool for business, HARDLY. Basic features that have been availble in all cell phonesf or the last 10 years do not seem to be of interest to Apple. No find feature, ineffiecient custom label feature in contacts, bluetooth that cannot beam v cards (if you download a app OK) or calander or contacts. Word completion is a complete joke. SIM card contacts that do not import, No copy & paste (isn’t that how apple got started), no autosave on calander or contacts, camera…don’t get me started. I have had such a bad taste in my month over this piece of junk that now I am seriously reconsidering a Mac purchase. Try it again Steve, if you want a job done call on a phone other than the idiotphone.

  14. Andrew MacArthur

    I have one now for a few days. My biggest beef is that I have to re-key all my contacts – I used to have a Motorola V3 (years ago?) which sync`d beautifully.
    The iphone is a backward step of frustrating proportions.
    WHY does it not show on windows explorer as an external device so I can use windows explorer to do EVERYTHING!
    I hate its lack of `talkability` with windows.

  15. Jason Smith

    If you are not using an Iphone you are totally missing out, how can you say this device is the worst ever? I’ve had blackberry’s, windows mobile, treo’s and the Iphone is by far the best phone I’ve ever used.


  16. Joe

    Apple technical support is awesome. All their call centers are located in the United States, the agents seem to all speak English as their 1st language, they always go way beyond their scope of support…in general the technical assistance is very nice.

    The $30 loaner phone is optional. Just like anything thing else in consumer life, you can do something the cheap way (a mail in repair) or you can pay a little extra for extra convenience ; such as a loaner phone while your phone is being repaired. Less then 1% of iPhones fail within the first 90 days. If the iphone fails, it generally happens in the first 90 days. Chances are, if the iPhone fails it is your fault.

  17. Matt

    It is YOUR responsibility to do research BEFORE you purchase a product

    the iphone works fine with outlook 2003 and 2007 as well as outlook express.

    my BMW does not have 4WD which for the price should be a feature standard. (sounds as stupid as your argument)

    and lastly

    we have NEVER had over seas support for iphone us and canada only

    all reps are either in canada or the us and as we only have ENGLISH AND FRENCH support ALL agents speak whese languages as their FIRST language.


  18. Garrett Smith

    @ Matt:

    Obviously you are a moron as well.

    First, I am glad that you took it upon yourself to speak on Apple’s behalf. I am sure your boss and good ‘ole Steve really appreciate you calling your customers moron’s. How typically elitist of an Apple employee.

    Second, if you actually read my post, you will notice that I didn’t buy the iPhone. It was given to me. If it was my money, I would have never bought it. Nokia and RIM make far superior products for my needs.

    Third, at the time this was posted, support for Outlook was horrid. It wasn’t until the software was upgraded that it got any better. That happen, what, eight or so month’s after release?

    Fourth, I don’t care where they are located. I still couldn’t understand a damn thing the guy was saying. He was Indian and spoke English poorly.

    Maybe you guys should do a better job hiring, smart guy…

  19. Mad

    Absolutely agree. The worst mobile phone nowadays.

  20. Johnson


    Why do you go around and try to start arguments with people who are posting comments on their own blog? It’s really, really funny to me that you took the time to post 2 thought-out responses all the while pretty much agreeing with the OP’s POV. And you’ve never even tried an iPhone so why on god’s green earth are you even commenting on it? I swear some people with try and look like an expert even on subjects they have no experience or familiarity with. This is so typical with techy people. You’re like the guy who stands over another guy working and tells him that he is doing it incorrectly meanwhile offering no help simply criticizing the job the other is doing. A have a news flash for you Frank – get a life.

  21. Max

    I think all your arguements are fair but the iphone is just AMAZING. It is an mp3/ mp4 a phone, a games console and a PDA. Okay, not the best for buiessnes but teenages love them. I’ve had my iphone for months now and its great!


  22. Kevin g

    This guy is obviously an idiot..worst phone ever? Seriously ? You’re pretty much implying that phones like the razor or pantech phones are better since the iPhone is the worst phone ever right? I don’t love the iphone but I wouldn’t say it’s the worst phone ever..far from it. Get over yourself.

  23. Garrett Smith

    @ Kevin g

    You still use AOL. Who is the idiot?

  24. Terry Smith

    @ Everyone.

    Put simply, many consumers expected Mac’s domination in the laptop and personal audio industries to follow through into the wireless communication industry. Myself included.

    It didn’t.

    Apple simply created an iPod which can make calls and download applications solely for entertainment purposes. Yes, it was a crowd pleaser, Yes, it was stylish, hip and new. But, No, it certainly didn’t bring any competition for the likes of BlackBerry, Palm and HTC. These are smartphones, not iPhones.

    Seperate the two and we can all live in harmony.

    If you are in business, are on the go and need an answer rather then a song and dance followed by a quick game, go the smartphone.

    If you are 16, want to show off to your school friends, want to listen to music and play games whilst at the same time, be able to recieve calls from your mum when you’re having a sleepover at a friends house, go the iPhone.

    There are valid arguments in all the posts, but the figures don’t lie… i have maybe 15 friends who use/have iPhones, 10 of which are willing to throw them away instantly, the other 5 won’t because they can’t be bothered transfferring all their contacts one-by-one.

    As for me… I’m a BlackBerry Curve user, I just don’t think there is any need in the market for a TOUCHSCREEN cell-phone.. BlackBerry Storm included. A cell phone needs a keypad, needs a speakerphone, needs bluetooth and yes, i’ll admit (even though i was against it at first) needs a camera with zoom, flash and video capture capability, and for those who don’t have a data plan, wireless would be useful too.

    Anyway, there’s my 2 cents.

  25. Terry Smith

    ps. no relation to Garret.

    Except for that one time.. at band camp. :)

  26. Peter Piper

    3 words, Tall Popey Syndrome.

    I would tell you all to go whinge about your hate for iPhone someplace, but I guess this is the place.

    I love my iPhone, and no I’m not 16. I have a digital camera with FOCAL zoom so I don’t give a hoot about phone cameras, and in the end, worldwide figures don’t lie. I don’t see new stereos, sound systems and portable speakers with built in docks for Blackberry’s, Samsungs or Nokias.

    All that being said, have a whinge and a cry about the iPhone here, ’cause nobody else really cares.

  27. Terry Smith

    @ Peter Piper and his Peppers!

    Of the figures are there, people have to buy the iPhone to then hate it. Noone is disputing its figures.

    And as for the docks and stereo gadgets, well, Apple has spent far too long not having anything compatible with it, so now all their RnD budget goes towards add ons and accessories. Doesn’t make the actually product any better, just means that you can briefly take your focus off the faulty product and enjoy the novelty of the accessory.

    It’s all part of Apple’s grand scheme, which I’m not a critic of, but just think that it maybe they jumped the gun a little with this particular product. Fingers crossed for the next generation, maybe they can iron-out the clitches by then.

    Keep pickin those peppers nonetheless.

  28. Jake Lavolo

    I am very young so i thought the iphone was good but i wouldnt know cause i dont have it. All the kids at my school say it is one of the best phones they have ever seen. I never thought so though. I dont think the blackberry storm is very good either it has a few bugs i think it will turn out great one day ttygl (talk to you guys later) bi

  29. Alan Lees

    I send usually about 20 text messages a day – texting on this is awful I want my Sony back Im going to give this to my daughter as a trophy for her generation

  30. Grant

    U guys r all drama queen bitches…it’s a phone. It does what it’s suposed to do. it calls people..the fact u have time 4 somthing like this amazes me


    Another thing making iPhone SUCK is the fact that their OS does not support web services!! This means that while you can have an app that shows boobs bouncing up and down while you shake the phone, you really cant create anything meaningful.

  32. Ryan

    The iPhone 3G is the best phone on the planet. The best App Store in the world, apps ranging from a compass to music recognition software that works 100% of the time. Battery lasts for weeks on standby, which basically means you turn the screen off and don’t have any music playing. Has the fastest processor of any phone, case closed. Biggest screen, and the keyboard is extremely easy to type on. Within DAYS you can type with 100% accuracy. Solid State Drives that apple puts in their iPhone beats any removable SD card or other memory device by tenfold.

    It beats any other phone statistically, and more people have bought an iPhone individually than any other phone to my knowledge. They are simply UNBEATABLE.

  33. Chris Smith

    I couldnt be bothered to write a whole reply on why ryans post is very incorrect and lacks any technical knowledge, but what annoyed me the most was suggesting that it has the fastest cpu of any phone, which is totally inaccurate, the iphone 3g arm cpu runs as 412mhz which is in fact not even as fast as phones aimed at similar markets a couple of years ago. Yes its possible for the cpu to run faster than this but battery life would be reduced from its, imho, already bad example for a “smart phone”. For a change I 100% agree with Garrett on this lol. The iphone is for people who dont really need a smart phone, for the rest of us that do like to do some useful things on our phones, it looks like anything with windows mobile is the only true option, as many people have suggested, the google system still isnt quite up to being useable as a business facility just yet.


  34. David

    iPhone is appalling. So many things missing …

    1) No bluetooth. Every other phone has blutooth but not the iPhone? Unacceptable.

    2) Poor camera – no zoom, flash, editing, and quality is horrid.

    3) Call reception is so bad that I am not going to bother write about it.

    4) Battery life is not good as well. (it also dies at 10% or so)

    5) Can’t copy or paste D=

    I can go on forever but it’s just not worth it – final word; DO NOT BUY THIS “PHONE”.

  35. Chris

    Hey. I agree with a lot here, mostly. Todays phones should have much more than the iPhone has. Take a look at the Sony Ericsson W995, and there you have a good cellphone for a nice price. Yes, the iPhone may look nice and tempting at times, but for crying out loud, way overpriced for such a poor phone. Apple, try again, and get everything straighten out this time. Wondering about buying the iPhone, keep searching. Sh*tty phone that doesn’t live up to anybodies expectations.

  36. Chris D

    The Iphone is pure garbage. I’m looking forward to my 3 year contract being over. I can’t tell you how many times my phone has just stopped working. But I can tell you it stopped working 3 times in the 2 weeks. The phones OS is unstable, it becomes corrupt causing you to reset the phone – meaning you have to get everything that was already on the phone back.

    The apps are cool, I enjoy sitting at the airport playing a game. But when the battery goes from full charge to nothing in 45 minutes, there’s a problem.

    Apple should stick to Ipods and Macs. Apple and phones just doesn’t seem to work.

  37. Paul Hughes

    @ the person who wrote this stupid article

    OK let me answer ur porblems cos u are obviously messed up
    1) If you have to hack ur iPhone to get apps onto it then u clearly hav no brain, got either go onto the app store on ur iPhone, find the one u want tap buy/free then install then type in ur itunes account pass word. Not Hard. And as to not any useful apps, u must hav a very specific choice or are stupid enough to not find any interesting ones.

    2) This was either writen before the update (recently late 2009) or before the mms app came out (before the 1st of march 2009) so thats fine, its sorted

    3) iCalendar doesnt suck, but i dont know about the outloook one cos i dont use it so i cant say anything bout that, but the iCalendar is simple to use, easy to get what you want on there at the right place and at the right time, not exactly hard.

    4) Yes here i have to agree with you the battery life is awful.

    5) I’ve had a 20 minute conversation and its not been hot at all, ‘ive watched a 3 n a bit hr long film and it didnt get hot, i’ve used it for over 5 hours on a flight, not hot. Eithr somethings broken in urs or u’ve got really over sensitive heat fingers.

    6) I send loads of texts a day, surf the web for bout 2hrs a day, make lots of calls from it on long commutes but never has the touch screen let me down, the new LG phone has the slowest keyboard ever, the iPhones one is very quick and responsive

    7) This is true, i cant argue with that

    8) If your blackberry was that loud then everyone could hear it cos the speaker phone on my iPhone is very loud, and u say “Why do they say it has a speaker phone?” Why? Because it does thats why, when you press speaker phone, the speaker phone turns on. Do you need it to be any simpler???

    9) Yes it took 2 months, but they got there didnt they? the released it as soon as they could, knowing that there would be somethings that could be added in the updates and only stupidly picky people would complain about bulk smsing being 2 months late. 2 months, its it really worth complaining about such a small thing?

    10) Seriously. Half your screen stopped working and u blame the makers? maybe something broke inside it thats normal with any phone, most of my previous phones stopped working because of a technical fault, one that couldnt of been stopped, its just technology breaking itself, we cant always rely on it.

    11) The support is pretty shocking, but you get seen quickly. Anyway, you no what i did when mine had a problem? i didnt sit there being a lazy arse and complain about the cost and the lack of english speaking helpers, i got the bus into town and went into the apple shop, they helped me fpr free and then told me that it was sometinhgy quite complicated to fix and that they’d do it in about an hour, so i went off. I cam back after 45minutes and they had it ready for me to take home, for free. You see that is what happens if you use your head and get off your lazy butt and do something personally!

  38. Steve

    The iPhone is a revolutionary device- the first of its kind. Of course, now there are countless iPhone-inspired devices trying to live up to the original. In time, this NEW technology will level out, working out its kinks. Despite the initial problems with the iPhone, you have to respect Apple for leading the pack. The iPhone has made history and will go down in the books as a device that was ahead of its time.

  39. Colleen

    At Garret 19) wow, you seriously just made fun of Kevin G for using AOL. Who’s the loser, oh, yeah, you? seriously, obviously you have now life and can’t even come up with proof that it is worse than the razor, (BTW obviously the iPhone is better than the Razr). Oh are you gonna make fun of me for using aol? loser.

  40. Garrett Smith

    @ Everyone

    I wrote this post two years ago. At the time I had a first generation iPhone.

    Over the last two years, Apple has done a decent job of upgrading the iPhone. It is now much better than it once was.

    But I’m still not sure that I’d buy one if I had to pay for it. It’s not the best device for ME (but it might be for you…which is super!).

  41. Paul Hughes

    @ Garrett

    You reallly were being extreemly cool when you used AOL as an insult when you obviously couldn’t think up a good argument.

    I’m sure it took a lot of guts to finally say ” Apple has done a decent job of upgrading the iPhone. It is now much better than it once was.” im sure it was a big strain to finally admit that what you said was utter bullshit, you were impressed by it but you didnt want to be so you picked at every little thing. But you eventually became the bigger person and spoke the truth

    …which is super!

  42. Garrett Smith

    @ Paul

    Lay off the kool-aide boss.

    Like I said before, I would never buy the iPhone. There are better options available.

    But the iPhone has progressed making some of my argument as to why it is the worse cell phone I’ve never bought a little light.

    So I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due.

    But not to Kevin G. He still uses AOL. Weak.

  43. Diogenes

    There is/was nothing revolutionary about the iPhone. Apple is a master packaging co., nothing more. There were MP3 players long before the iPod, PDA phones long before the iPhone, and not one new thing in this phone that hasn’t been on the market before. I don’t think it sucks, but, it is not all that either.

  44. Steve

    Time will tell, Diogenes. I was only talking iPhone, but you seem to be expanding it with “Apple is a master packaging co., nothing more.” Where do you think MS got the concept of “windows” from? In that case, perhaps Microsoft was a “master packaging co.” and nothing more. Maybe you were only referring to phones and mp3 players.

  45. Chris Smith

    Sorry but I have to agree with Garrett and Diogenes here. Steve, in my opinion you seem to have missed the point. Apple havent brought anything new to their devices other than a pretty UI, the user experience on the apple devices is much improved over the usual mp3 player and phones, but the hardware and its capabilities are nothing more than have already been used in the same markets for a long time.

    Windows mobile devices have been able to do the same for a long time now, but Apple have made the whole thing just look prettier and easier for less technical people to use. Their hardware is still, in my opinion, a little behind what we should be expecting from a “cutting edge” device. Im personally talking about Apple devices, not their computers but incidently, I work with some of the best IT people in the UK on a daily basis and have personally been in the field for a long time and the only people I know who use Apple machines for anything, are those involved with graphics/design. Not knocking Apple machines as I dont use them and I realise this is out of the scope of the article, but Apple would have a much bigger market share if they were genuinely so good and us IT people would be using them.

    In my opinion the Iphone is for less technical people who just like things to look fancy, the Iphones “gps” is terrible, even the UK gadget program, the gadget show, found the iphones gps to be inaccurate, the battery isnt revolutionary, accelerometer and other input devices (mostly seen on the HTC touch diamond also) are clearly nothing new and besides that, what is the attraction? The UI isnt very inviting to the advanced user, who rather than have a fast, pretty UI, would have a faster device and maybe a better battery life.

    I believe diogenes has it very well worked out, its a pretty UI that can do what its designed to do, but the capabilities and hardware are nothing new. Even the new Iphone isnt anything special in my opinion.

    @ steve
    Your statement here of “The iPhone is a revolutionary device- the first of its kind” is a little misleading, it wasnt the first device of its kind and to be brutally honest, when the first iphone was released, it wasnt really very good and was treated as such by everyone other than the ones affected by the media hype. Id personally say its a device that has had a lot of abuse since its first release and most of its owners originally seemed to be people who just wanted to say they had one, Apple made their sales from good marketing and not from a good device.

    Secondly, ” you have to respect Apple for leading the pack. The iPhone has made history and will go down in the books as a device that was ahead of its time.” is very similar to the previous comment, Apple didnt lead the pack, they would like to think they did i reckon, but as a technical pda/phone its never been advanced, or even good for that matter. It manages to make things easy, but thats just its fancy UI/OS and something that could be used in even existing software upgradeable phones, like windows mobile devices could be adapted to run a different OS which looks like the Apple system. Look at the HTC tytn 2, its fast, has great gps, can run tomtom satnav or any other sat nav you want to try out, the only thing missing is the accelerometer but its only a toy anyway. But I really have to say most importantly, is that its not going to go down as a device thats way ahead of its time (except perhaps among the uninformed) because it never was. It will however go down as a device that looked pretty and was well marketed, in my opinion, this should go down as a sucess for Apples marketing company who have done an amazing job, not for being a good device.

    I look forward to your comments.


  46. Pedderz

    *READ THIS!*
    I have an i phone 3GS, and im sorry to say Apple done a great job at making a terrible phone. its only good once you jailbreak the stupid thing and then it becomes user friendly. but still a crap phone.
    number one issue it the reception drop outs, due to the antenna being placed on the bottom. I can barely use the phone to call people. constantly getting no service. i have a nokia n82. with the same operator i get full reception in the same place. Sorry but thats a number 1 FAIL! Its not a phone if you cant use it to make calls!
    Its just an ipod touch that should be able to make calls but fails!
    FAIL FAIL FAIL! God this makes my blood boil. I feel like throwing the stupid thing in the trash!
    FAIL NUMBER 2! is no multi tasking. try get a call while ur playing a game or doing watever and it will close what your doing, and you cant switch betweens apps. (unless you jail break it)
    Oh why winge about a crappy 3mp camera with no flash? here’s…
    FAIL NUMBER 3! Ummm why pay $800 for a phone that doesnt have a decent camera? 3mp cameras come on $200 phones and most have nowadays at least one LED flash, or xenon flash like my N82.
    No flash player on safari! wtf? majority of websites these days use flash, so safari just sucks. (however romours say adobe is working on it, but u better hope it works on ur current iphone, not just on the next iphone 3GSFlash lol)
    FAIL number 5!
    Battery life sucks, have to charge it every night or it will be dead the following day.
    I admit it has good apps etc, but Apple just ruined this phone. Just like the original Ipod they make things look nice and user friendly but its all about money making.
    my old Nokia n82 cost about the same 2 years ago.
    has 5mp carl ziess camera with xenon flash (works like a real digital camera)
    it aslo multi tasks
    has flash player on it
    battery lasts for days on a single charge.

    Im gona stick with nokia now, they know how to make phones that work. just waiting for the release of the new Nokia N900, which i cant wait! as it will replace my crappy iphone 3gs.

    Thank you for reading this, im sick of talking about this crappy phone.

    P.S. iphone lovers dont bother to argue the point. Its clearly a major fail by apple! Either make a phone that works, or dont make one at all! Everyone who has bought an iphone and isnt happy should be refunded the full amount.

  47. Paul Hughes



    and i will bother arguing with ‘this’ point by point

    having the antenna at the bottom makes no difference, if you are having problems with the reception the maybe its just that you haven’t set it up properly.

    if its just a ipod touch then why didn’t you buy one? and its not just supposed to make calls

    Reading you post made my blood boil because of all the fails, seriously it just makes you sound like a child with a bad tantrum and constantly using it just makes all of your points seem boring and not valid. Plus it made me fall asleep .

    sorry, but why on earth would u want to play a game whilst on the phone? only retards want to do that, and if u want to search the internet or look for anything, like a contact number, on it then u can during a call (by pressing the home button) and thats the only phone that i’ve had that can do that

    apple focused on making it a good phone then they focused on fitting the extras around it and yes it could be a little better, but it suits me fine

    ok…not many phones with proper internet have flash because it isnt absolutely necessary. and again lol makes it sound childish and like u dont no what ur saying

    the one thing that i agree with you on in your whole comment is the battery life, it is rubbish

    this next point is utter bullshit, the Iphone does have very good apps yes, but 2 questions for u
    1) how have apple ruined this phone?
    2) how have they ruined the iPod?

    ur old phone is made by Nokia, they’ve made thousands of phones and have had years of research so theyre bound to have good functions,

    but remember, your talking about Apples 3rd phone, Nokias 3rd phone was a brick, so there.

    How many phone have u owned, because why should only those people unsatisfied with the iPhone be refunded, why not everyone whose brought a phone and didn’t like it be refunded? and just in case u hadn’t noticed it does work, i think u would’ve noticed that when u turned it on and saw that it actually turned on?

  48. Chris Smith

    @ paul hughes

    I read your comments and couldnt agree less. Heres why,

    Firstly, you accuse someone of a childish post and then post an even more childish one, very confusing and your clear lack of technical knowledge doesnt swing things in your favour either.

    Your state the antenna being at the bottom of the phone makes no difference, I would be interested to see your theory behind this as its always been the case to fit an antenna in a handheld device as high up and as far away from the hand as possible. This is due to the fact that the signal will be attenuated by it and also the fact that an antenna high up on the phone will be less likely to be obstructed at any time. So actually, a low mounted internal antenna wouldnt be a good idea for a hand held communications device. Do the mobile networks fit their antenna to the tops or bottom of buildings/petrol stations?

    I agree the iphone is not an ipod touch, people actually want and like the ipod touch, so the iphone clearly isnt in the same ball park. I see the familiarity however.

    Reading your post annoyed me also, typical fanboy behaviour, stick up for the device you own, just because you own it. Its very sad that people cant be honest about these devices.

    Why you make comment about not being able to play a game while on the phone is a bit beyond me, his point was theres an issue with the task switcher unless the phone is jailbroken (which comes with its own problems). You must have had some really old phones in the past as most phones have been able to search contacts lists while on the phone and windows mobile users are able to do just about anything while on the phone and have been able to for years. Most nokias have been able to do it since the 5110, its a call menu options to view the phonebook.

    You make Flash based sites sound very uncommon, the iphone was supposed to be a revolution in communication but its nothing more than old hardware repackaged into a fancy case and fancy UI. Sure its used as a status symbol among many, usually the people who need phones to be simple in order for it to be of any more use than just a phone.

    As for your questions, ill try and answer from how I see it. Apple have ruined this phone by not making it what it should be. It should be new and cutting edge but in fact its let down by old standards and even lacking basic features in some of the iphone models. Video, copy & paste in some original models I believe, which doesnt even get started on hardware. Apple have just made a load of old specs look cool due to good marketing and fancy look of the iphone, it does nothing new, doesnt do the things it does very well and the fact that it needs to be jail broken to do the things you want just leads to other insecurities which are far more concerning than the fact the iphone isnt very good! I disagree that they have ruined the ipod, its a very handy device which does what it does quite simply and very well. Not worth paying extra over another mp3 player in my opinion, taking into account how i personally would use it, but for others im sure its an almost perfect range.

    Nokias 3rd phone was a brick?? Ive never heard such rubbish, as you said yourself, nokia have been doing this a long time and in the early days, technology was big. Thats like saying the model T ford is too slow, at the time it was a revolution and the start of things to come, as were early mobile phones from any company.

    I realise this wasnt aimed at me, but ive owned most smart phones going and have reviewed the iphone in some depth, although not the newer models as I lost interest when the first was such a dissapointment. I believe your comments are inaccurate and lacking any depth which annoyed me enough to want to make comment. and in the interest of keeping Garretts threat peaceful, Im not prepared to get into an arguement and am unlikely to reply to any followups on this matter.

  49. Angela ?

    True, iPhone really does suck.

    I had the first one, and how I wish I had waited for that 3GS to come out — and yes, I’m 16.

    Flashes on cellphone cameras are not uncommon. I know that someone will eventually reply to this post and say that “Get a digicam o__o” But heck, if the iPhone had to be THAT expensive and “revolutionary”, a flash would’ve been nice. My sister’s Nokia XpressMusic slidephone has a 3.2MP camera… with flash.

    My iPhone keeps hanging, prolly due to clutter in the diskspace but whatever. It sucks.

    Don’t tell me to get a digicam if I wanted a good camera. It’s like saying “Leave the iPhone alone with its crappy camera and get a different camera.” Need I say more? I get a digicam because the iPhone camera sucks? Way to go, brilliant solution .__. It doesn’t even have a hint of practicality.

    It’s really awesome that they fixed up the iPhone in the newer models. Good job. But my uncles who has the new one said that “It’s better, but it still sucks.”

    I said good job right? I wasn’t done yet. Good job in making another one of your money-making schemes, Apple. Releasing a half-baked, no good phone then coming out with another better one. Couldn’t they just beta tested it long enough then come out with ONE good one?

    It’s like one of those records who come out now then a few months later, they release a “special edition” of it — same tracks + 1 bonus song + additional $$$ = moneymoneymoneyforthecapitalistpigs. Yes, I’m talking about you, Usher. Yes, you too Chris Brown and your “Forever: Exclusive Edition”

    I hope Apple comes out with a better phone OR they could at least target the correct market because if not, people aren’t going to be pleased. Since when has it been a correct marketing strategy to say something is for business people when in reality, it only pleased the teenagers?

    Stop harrassing the people supporting this post. A blog is a blog and it should be personal. If you have your own opinions, sure you can share them here, sharing is good. But don’t wait on the other people supporting the poster and harrass them too. You should know better. If it worked for you, well, it didn’t work out for us.

    For those who have been offended by the poster, well, I should say that you started it and you’re not in any position to complain. You are in his personal cyberspace whatever, you go by his rules — because he ain’t breaking anyone else’s.

    iPhone sucks. I’m 16. My Samsung Corby works almost the same way and it only costed me like $100 or a little more.

  50. George Jackman

    Apple replaced my New Iphone 2 times so far in the first 3 months.
    – can’t connect to 3G anymore (replace)
    – speaker stops working (replace again)
    no more Apple products for me

  51. Matt

    I’ve had two blackberrys, htc, sony ericssons and nokias and by far the iphone still is and always will be the best phone to date and will most likely stay that way for a fair while…

    1. Phone works perfect and has for over the year i have had it

    2. who uses shitty slow bluetooth these days, its all about wifi transfers which works great

    3. battery lasts fine with none stop use unless you are awake 24 hours a day

    4. camera is great for the moment snaps better than alot of camera phones, and all you people saying it aint got a flash are you all talking about those pathetic little led lights that nearly all bb’s have and other camera phones lol, get a real camera

    5. the amount of phones trying to better the iphone is unreal and yet none have succeeded

  52. truth

    IPHONE is by far the best phone BUT and a huge but only on paper it is. Whats the point of having a phone with all of their applications and games only to find out if you use them the battery will die within hours, now you will prob say I should use the applications a lot so I say this if they are making all of these applications available I should use them whenever I want however I want if the battery life sucks fine at least make it easier for me to open the dam thing and replace the battery without having to go to apple and shelling out 79 bucks to replace the battery. Thats a huge huge huge turn off. Additionally the picture messaging sucks there is no flash there is speaker phone the speaker phone that they have is a joke and you cant use more than one application at a time. its the best gimmick phone out there on the market and all the lemmings went ahead and bought it including myself but I am awaken and anyone wanting a iphone stay away.

  53. Kevin

    iPhone is the best you haters! I have the iPhone3Gs! It rocks against all other HTC, Droid and Android phones. Fuck you if you think I am a little pussy. Apple rocks. They haven’t been in the phone business for as long as Motorola and Nokia but they still manage to make usfull, sleek and fun products.

  54. El

    1: The AppStore is the biggest (and still growing) of all… So if you STILL can’t find what you are looking for,get a dev. kit make it yourself!
    2: You CAN send MMS
    3: Outlook is a terrible program… there’s def nothing wrong with iCal. But hey, you are also using windows I guess? :)
    4: Battery indeed is awful… i agree, i agree…
    5: iPhone getting hot? never had it, never heard about it…
    6: Touch screen works very well for most people… just type on the keyboard with your thumbs :)
    7: Camera…sigh… i agree… i agree…
    8: are you deaf? use your earphones instead. This way you wont bother anyone else with the sounds coming out of your iPhone…
    9: yeah, but it is here now…
    10: Then handle it with care… you sound like someone who’s throwing his iPhone around… and if you are not, its a hardwareproblem and Apple supports that…
    11: Again… if there are hardwareproblems, Applesupport is good. If you have a softwareproblem, long live iTunes, you can fix it yourself!
    The reason Apple didn’t give you support, probably is because you fucked up your iPhone yourself but blame Apple…

  55. Paul Hughes

    well said kevin

    and Chris Smith, I could see your last comment as “i know im going to lose/cant be bothered” but im not, im gonna have it as you’ve realised that different people have different views

  56. Kevin

    I’m on one right now, and yea I know it has some major faults, but witch one are you using, I’m using the 3g right now, all I have to say is that it fits my needs, other than the battery, it sounds that you wrote this awhile ago, they resolved some issues, and there is an app for zoom, but it’s .99 cents so not worth it, and what do you need to zoom for, just get closer, now you can copy/paste images/texts and if you like Microsoft, witch I do but they don’t have a zunephone, and if they did it would crash so frequently, and have gaping holes in the firewall just get a blackberry if you don’t like it

  57. Kevin

    READ PLEASE alot of the Dropped calls are on AT&T not the phone, that and now there is news that the iPhone will have verizon sell and use it, they have the nations largest 3g, and hopefully the largest 4g network soon

  58. sopperty

    i totally disagree with all you guys. you can get zoom functions by gettings apps
    from the store, iphones touchscreen is the best out there and the easiest to use

  59. Chris Smith


    I dont understand your last comment, but I am aware people have different views, life would be boring if we didnt have different views. I try and keep my information relevant with the ability to backup my answers with facts. None of the Iphones are anything new, they are only just catching up with existing models, cut and paste being a prime example, only just added to the Iphone and its been available on old sagem and nokia phones for years.

    I still believe the Iphone is nothing special, the apps store is a rip off and the phone is no more cutting edge than any other, it does nothing new, I challenge anyone to give me one thing it can do PROPERLY that no other phone has been able to do.

    The Iphone looks ok, works ok and does what most people who less technically minded want, it does have a market obviously, however the people who believe it to be cutting edge and the best phone ever, really are kidding themselves.

    Ive seen a lot of forums threads stating that the iphone has the fastest cpu thats in a phone, has anyone seen htc hd2? The OS needs work but the phone is remarkable, but as everything else, has its flaws.

    Im not getting into an arguement about it as I have very little interest, I hope some people are happy with their Iphones, but im yet to meet anyone who doesnt want to sell theirs to fund something better, but I work in the IT industry and most people I know need something more configurable. Im not talking apps either.

    Hope some of you see the light!


  60. Kevin

    Sorry for being imature on 1/5/10 everyone. I was kinda…. intoxicated. I was finishing all the New Years booze….

  61. Kevin

    I like the iPhone3Gs for its aerodynamic design, sleek touch screen, Acurrate QWERTY keyboard, built-in-iPod (compatible with iTunes of course), voice control, and hands down Apple makes good computers. I think HTC phones, G1’s, and Andriods are cool, but I just like iPhone3Gs better for all the apps and Safari web browsing. The battery life is okay but when the 4G comes out they have to work on the camera. 3.0 mega-pixles is okay, but theirs phone’s with 12.0 mega-pixels! You can’t zoom, and theirs no flash. The video’s cool with triming but same with the zoom and flash. Also the Bluetooth, you can’t connect with other mobile phone devices (Only headseats, etc.) so it is impossible to send pictures, video, audio via Bluetooth. So, fanboy or not. I like them both. Great phones. In my opinion I like the iPhone better, but Android phone’s are cool too.

  62. Kane

    The original iphones, i agree, sucked. But the new ones (3G mainly) are by far the best phones i have ever owned. i used to be a blackberry fan, but dear god, once i got this phone i didnt even care for blackberry, nokia, or really any other phone.

  63. Jordan

    You guys r trippin balls. Every person that said they owned the phone that i know has said it was the best phone theyve ever had. You r expecting perfection from a phone and i dont think you will get perfection so i hope you like disapointment

  64. leonard

    iphone 3g is the best, most of the ppl that have issues with it just want attention! there is nothing like saying u dont like something when everyone else is saying they do like it!

  65. serhan

    Balls Out !!!

    These guyes who write essays about iPhone has not ever experianced the actual
    Syndrome in iPhone, I never Agree with the statement that it is worst !!! bcoz if u got time and ur not 16 go dep through the apple platforms u will find a mini PC which can even challenge with ur Netbook , 4 Really Beleave me it is really a big asset…………

  66. faggot

    hah. now iphone can be tv remote.. and thats all its good for

  67. zd

    wtf did i get myself into????? this is a piece of sh!t – especially if you are in a sh!t hole like south africa where internet is more expensive than the e-brick itself.

  68. Barnie

    I was robbed of my Nokia N95 8Gig. With tears in my eyes I had to DOWN GRADE to a BlackBerry Curve 8900 Smartphone. You guys complain about iPhone, both these phone manufacturers (iP & BB) must go and buy a Nokia and see what it is that makes a phone work. The best phones I have ever owned was the Sony Ericson P900 and the Nokia N95. This BB is the most un – user friendliest phone I’ve ever came across.

  69. michael

    I got an iphone too and I can understand that some of you are disapointed by this phone. And the main reason of this disapointment is that this phone was presented as a revolutionary one, so we are disapointed not by what we have but by what we expected from this phone. At the end it’s just a phone…better for some reason , worse for some other…

  70. John Voight

    This is bullsh t!599 bucks?For 599 bucks you get a cool Nokia,like an n97.The iPhone is a worst phone ever,especially for that much money.The n97 is by far better,cooler,and it has a ”true” QWERTY keybord,and a cool sliding mechanism.A friend of mine dropped his iPhone,and the touchscreen stopped working.The games arent even so cool!Nokia’s N-GAGE is by far better!If you want a good looking phone,try a Nokia E52.Believe me,it’s good!

  71. Kevin

    It’s all based on opinion, John. I like the Andriod phones and the iPhones. I have a iPhone3Gs 16 GB it’s pretty cool. I like it’s design and funtion. The touch screen is very excellent too. The Nokia looks cool too. I also like how all the Andriod apps are free. They should do the same or the app store. I like how you can listen to your iPod on a iPhone. Because if you had all your music on a iPod, you can trasfer it to your iPhone that’s pretty sweet. The Andriod phones are nice. My friend has a Backflip. I like how you can see all your Facebook and Twitter stuff in one place.

  72. Anna

    I have the iphone and none of this is true. i bought my iphone at at&t for only $99 dipwad. And you can send and recieve MMS messages. It has super useful apps. The battery last way linger then any of my previous phones and those phones lasted long. It never gets hot for me, it might just get hot on yours cuz there might be something technical. The speaker is loud. The only reason you say its not is because blackberrys are meant to be supper loud cuz its a work phone there supposed to be like that. it didnt take me 2 months to add SMS. it took me less then a week.. just geuss ur not tht smart. the screen has NEVER froze on me and i have had it for almost a year. and the support is never the same you know…
    just stop being such a baby and a drama queen!! you are literally just exagurating.. so just stop!

  73. Chris

    Oh dear Anna, im sure your comments have us all stumped. I for one am lost for words………….. your superior intellect and obvious knowledge of these matters has persuaded me…….. Go on then, ill have an iPhone, oh no actually I think ive made a mistake… you should be able to sympathise I imagine, having made so many in your comment! I think ill go Android instead


  74. Chris

    Sorry to copy some of your comment, but I guess your just not that smart anna………

  75. William

    I used to hate Apple fan boys.

    Had to purchase one to properly synch to work information.

    Best thing I ever payed for.

  76. Denis

    After I read all posts I realized that I dont hate iPhone because it is sh!t, no its not an phone who came from toilet, I hate it because somebody call it “revolutionary” phone and I expect some big revolution in mobile things, remember Apple Newton??? Newton is evolution from Apes to Homo Sapien and just because so much advertising iPhone become contra evolution from Humans to Apes, if somebody advertised it as one modern good look phone then I would look it in different way.
    And about camera and flash, what? Buy real camera? Why apple put camera then??? Its absurdly to buy phone with camera and then buy an real camera just for images and what next? Buy a professional camera for Hollywood movies just to capture your dog how it run for its tail?
    Compare functions between iPhone and old Nokia 6260 from 2004 year (if somebody was have that nokia) when it came out, do not make difference between power of processor, display etc. Only what iPhone can do but Nokia 6260 can’t.
    On that nokia I even watch dvx movies (in resolution for that screen and smaller bitrate with 18 fps)
    Yes iPhone have GPS, WiFi and better browser but that is just new technology in phones.
    And yes it is off topic but “Samsung GT B3410” is the worst phone in functionality dont buy it, iPhone is better than that :-)

    Bye and sorry because my bad english I hope you understand it :-)

  77. zachary krackow

    dude iphone is one of the greatest phones! you have nothing but ignorence. cant send or recieve texts? wtf haha your an idiot

  78. Garrett Smith

    @ Zachery

    I wrote this post over two years ago..when the first iPhone came out. At the time it didn’t have the ability to send bulk messages.

  79. John

    iPhones are beast! You are a drama queen. Grow up!!!!

  80. Scotty

    I find it completely ridiculous that people are STILL arguing on this post, TWO years after it was first written. Most of the stuff you guys are arguing about is completely irrelevant now, as apple has improved the iPhone over the years. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and of course there are gonna be people who are not satisfied with the iPhone, and that’s why there is so much choice and variety in the phones available. Choose one that you like, that suits your needs, and roll with it.

  81. Liam

    I don’t agree with anyone here,

    sure, the iPhone has it’s bells and whistles, but it depends on what kind of person you are. For someone who has lots of time, then its the perfect phone (except its price) but for someone with no time at all, probably the worst phone.


  82. George

    I use a 32gb Touch which I bought Christmas 2010. This was the 3rd gen version. The iPhone 4 had come out some months earlier although I was astounded that it had issues for left handed users and call connectivity subsequently was affected!

    The 64gb iPhone 4 was around £700 sim free in the Uk. That’s a lot to ask customers to pay to then have to stick a rubber band round. Massive fail.

    The fact the Touch I’m using has no Flash capability is poor. I watch a lot of BBC news on the web but miss the means to view an article’s supporting clip.

    Battery life remains an issue. Not just for Apple. It’s unacceptable to have to recharge nightly with fairly minimal use. Certainly not when you’re paying either for sim free or a hefty monthly amount over two years or the like.

    I use a Nokia E52 and E55 for main phone use. IMO one of the best series handsets put out yet. Period.

  83. mattias

    @frank, lol your phone (especially if its 700$ phone) (they still are that price for a 64 gig, that is stupid in my opinion for a phone) should not just break in 8 weeks of usage, that is Not normal! and most certainly not acceptable! ive had cheaper phones that i dropped many times an still worked just fine! if i pay that kind of price for a phone, (which will never happen btw) i would expect it to work ten years! at least! when its ten time the price of phones that i currently use which easily lasts over a year maybe even 3 to 4 years had i not lost it! an iphone is way overpriced for what it is and it gets boring real fast im sure (since its essentially the same as an itouch with phone built in) i made the mistake of buying an i touch and i already am super bored with it, used it for the first three weeks and now its sitting not being used.
    overall i agree with smith

  84. mattias

    and btw my ipod touch is a 4 gen

  85. mattias

    one more thing sorry, you drop the iphone once and your paying an extra 70 just to fix it, drop a 100$ phone it most likely will still work fine (unless that too is touch screen)

  86. bali_man

    I agree, the worse cellphone ever.

    Forget the telephony use – take out the sim card, use it for fun only, then you can be happy with your prototype of “mini” iPad.

  87. baliman


    Mr. Smith has predicted what is CNET going to say in 2009 :

    “The iPhone is the worst phone in the world”


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