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Earthlink Cans 900 – Another VoIP Provider Going Belly-up?

Earthlink Layoff’s Tied to TruVoice Failure?

earthlinkFirst no one ever likes to see a massive layoff like this. Especially a botched one like this. Sprinkle in the fact that I hate writing about the downfall of companies within our industry and we have ourselves a painfully written post.

Although it hurts to say this, I have strong suspicions that the massive layoff’s at Earthlink has much to do with the failure of their VoIP service, TrueVoice. I remember when TrueVoice launched; lots of hype, lots of buzz and tv commercials to boot. But since then not a thing. In fact, I think I completely forgot about Earthlink TrueVoice. That’s not good.

This very well could be the start of the end of Earthlink TrueVoice. Yet another one bites the dust.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. aswath

    I also had forgotten about TrueVoice. If I remember correctly. at that time I argued that it is not VoIP from the consumer point of view. It is all PSTN, till it hits the switch. TrueVoice is a technical solution for Equal Access.

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