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iPod Touch: Your Next WiFi Phone?

Mobile VoIP service provider Truphone announced the availability of their Truphone application for the iPod Touch today. This announcement, which is the latest in a series of announcements out of the company, essentially turns your iPod Touch into a pretty robust WiFi VoIP phone or, to coin a new term, a VoIP Smartphone.

With the iPod Touch starting at around $229, when you bundle in the Truphone client, it is actually a vernerable choice if you are in the market for a WiFi VoIP phone since many of today’s WiFi VoIP phones are in the $200+ range making this a very interesting play/solution.

I don’t have an iPod Touch so i can’t comment about the application first hand, but I do use Truphone’s service on my iPhone (see my review here) and I have to say that the service has been great. So, if you are an iPod Touch user, or are looking for a WiFi VoIP phone, take a hard look at this.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional