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Is Video Conferencing Growing or Dying?

Great question.

These days depending on who you talk to or what report you read it could be either.

Take a recent IDG report on the state of the video conferencing market showed a bleak outlook:

  • Overall worldwide market worth of¬†enterprise video market decreased 4.8 percent during Q32012
  • North America fell 11.5 during the period
  • Immersive telepresence system growth declined 35.7 year over year in Q3
  • Related ancillaries and accessories declined 28.6 percent as well

In other words, ouch. Right?

It’s not all bleak. This doesn’t mean the market is going to collapse.

There are signs of life. Because part of the market is growing.


The IDG report points to growth exactly where you’d expect it to be growing at this stage of the market; personal, desktop and small medium business.¬†The overall personal video conferencing market grew 8.7% and so too did the video MCU sector.

It seems that video conferencing, like all markets, is growing a various rates depending on what sector of the market you are looking at.

The high end market for video conferencing and immersive telepresence is slowing. It’s slowing because there’s only so many entreprises and by now those that need video conferencing likely have it.

The middle to lower end of the market is still growing. Sure it’s not staggering growth, but it is growing. With costs decreasing and continued industry focus on interoperability, this sector of the market should start to take off over the next few years.

So video conferencing growing or dying? I say both.

Whether that’s good or not, simply depends on where you sit.



Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional