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No Such Thing As A Free VoIP Call

As Consumers We Love Free

As consumers we love the word free. We love the fact that we are getting something for nothing. Sales and marketing professionals around the world know this, and they exploit it – especially in the Voice over IP industry. There is no such thing as a free VoIP call. Every free call has a price.

The Cost of a Free VoIP Call

We, as consumers, see a lot of marketing speak from VoIP Service providers that talks about FREE VoIP calling, but is a free VoIP call really FREE? No. A FREE VoIP calll will never be truly FREE because you will, for one, always need a high speed internet connection and those connections are not FREE (unless you are stealing or using limited public access). Even if you have a FREE connection (for whatever reason) what is the cost of that call, in terms of quality? You see every FREE VoIP call has a cost, whether it be:

  • A monetary cost (broadband connection, activation fee, connection fees)
  • A time cost (listening to/viewing an ad, limited time periods)
  • An experience cost (poor call quality, bad calling process, etc.)

No Such Thing As A Free Call

There is no such thing as a FREE VoIP call. As a consumer, you will always experience a cost, whether it is monetary, or not, is only one cost to consider. What is the cost of a poor calling experience with the person on the other end of the phone? What was the cost of the time it took to initiate the call? What was the cost of having to ask to end a call early because you ran out of FREE minutes? It costs a lot to make a FREE call when you think about it. But then again, sales and marketing folks know consumers rarely think.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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