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Skype – WalMart Deal Will Be a Flop

Sure Millions Shop at WalMart

But how many are shopping for telecommunications needs?

Very few. Vonage sales in WalMart? According to Vonage insiders, they have been disappointing. Heck, cell phone sales via strategically placed kiosks inside of WalMarts had less of a shelf life than a gallon of milk. Sure WalMart is the place to go buy cheap stuff and VoIP is, well, cheap, but without a huge (and costly) marketing campaign centered around consumer education and awareness for the Skype offerings and products, this partnership is more press release fodder than anything else.

Even with a strong marketing push WalMart does not exactly pull the typical Skype customers…it is a stretch to sell a service like Skype in WalMart. I give this “experiment” less than eight months.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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