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Subsidize Laptops, Not Phones?

Fancy that. Another brilliant ploy for your dollars by the wireless telcos.

Lock-in customers by contract for a few years by subsidizing laptops in order to avoid churn.

When (not if…I am sure of this) this starts to happen, I believe you will see a shift in how wireless carriers view their businesses. As  their laptop attach rate continues to grow and grow, their eye will definitely shift to the data network as their grow vehicle for the future – a boon or bust for mobile VoIP providers.

Wireless carriers who have dragged their feat in offering any mobile VoIP services will certainly get a strong push in the tush when this comes to fruition. Especially as the network gets faster (4G), data will take a predence to voice. Hopefully, for mobile VoIP’s sake, it happens soon.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. Marc Lacoste

    Here in France, Orange and SFR (pat subsidiary of vodafone) already does that : Orange gives a 150€ rebate on a Medion netbook, and SFR sells eees at 100€, 200€ below their usual retail price.

    Of course, their terms of service prohibites VoIP, along with p2p and newsgroups. You pirates!

  2. Marc Lacoste

    part subsidiary (feel free to correct my bad engrish)

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