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Windows Mobile Gets Tango, Skype Holds up the Wall

So much for making quick use of your $8.5 billion dollar investment Steve.

Today Tango, one of the fastest growing communication services ever, announced that its service will be the first mobile video calling service available for the upcoming Windows Phone update “Mango” beating out Microsoft’s own mobile video calling service Skype.

Not that this should come as a surprise. After all Microsoft has a track record of botching acquisition integrations and given that Tango is still a start-up, they’re afforded the benefit of not having to deal with Skype’s massive daily operations (nor the Microsoft bureaucracy).

But adding fuel, or at the very least press release fodder, to a fast growing competitor is never a good thing.

Given the rising interest in consumer and business video calling one has to wonder if Tango, who now has the platform trifecta of iPhone, Andriod and Windows Phone, won’t soon become the front runner in mobile video calling. With video quickly becoming as pervasive as voice it would be a mammoth position to be in.

Thanks to a few month head start on each platform, a laser focus and a boatload of cash, Microsoft’s Skype could have a very real competitor for the first time. The disruptor becomes the disrupted.

Sounds pretty familiar, huh Microsoft?

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. jason @ voip

    You know that you’ve been tango’ed!


    (Apologies to non-UK readers. It’s an old TV ad in the UK related comment!)

  2. Stephen Duke

    George Mobile is set to “Tango” with them all. George will offer the “Trifecta” like Tango, but there’s more.

    George offers a real local phone number for real SMS and calls to any number in over 40 countries.

    George is the first such service to gamify the environment. Users earn virtual currency for using and sharing George, which they can use to make the full-feature set FREE. And, there’s more, but you have to sign up for our BETA to try it out.

    Don’t sign up on the website. Instead, please send me an email and I will add you to our developer site so you get a first-hand look.

    Beta should be offered in the App Store in mid-late January with Android and Windows right thereafter.

    Thank you, Stephen

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