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The Power of Choice

Consumer Choice a Pervasive Theme at The IT Expo

If I had to use one word to describe this fall’s IT EXPO it would be CHOICE. After two jam packed days of meetings, briefings, lunches, dinners and discussions with some of the best and brightest in the industry the underlying theme of every discussion has been choice. From vendors to solution providers, companies have finally realized that offering consumers the right amount of choice is the key to their success.

In the past, spawned by open source and SIP, vendors and solution providers have offered either too many choices (leading to consumer confusion) or too little choice (leading to consumer frustration). With this year’s expo many have finally gotten it right – offering “just the right amount of choice” to make their offerings understandable and palatable for the mainstream user. A prime example of this is Fonality. Fonality offers a free open source platform for those developers and businesses with advanced telephony knowledge in trixbox ce, a roll your own solution for integrators, solution providers and end users with their trixbox pro offering and a out of the box solution with their PBXtra products. These three offerings fit perfectly among the three distinct user types in today’s marketplace – delivering enough choice to fit each one’s distinct needs but not more.

The same can be said for companies like Digium, Telephony2 and Grandstream. It is exciting to see so man getting it right and a sign that our industry as a whole is headed for continued success in the future.

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is a Technology Marketing and Sales Professional

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  1. rmesser

    Choice is also the power behind open standards in general. Many consumers that do not wish to get involved in product development and don’t need open source however they benefit from being empowered to choose best of breed products in a vendor independent non proprietary space where they can choose the elements that best suit their environment.
    Vendors no longer have to focus on being cheap “the race to the bottom” but instead can focus on quality and uniqueness once again.
    If we go to any server room there will be a mix of best of breed equipment that has been select for logical reasons by the IT team at that company. This will be the world of Telecom in the future.
    Its all about choices and Innovation

  2. Garrett Smith

    Rob –

    I would agree that choice is the main driver behind open source, but I also believe choice has also been a driver of equipment and service pricing falling towards zero.

    If you paid little to nothing for your phone system, most customers expect the phones, switches, etc to come at near the same price – cheap.

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